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Shoes (boots)

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[SINA Co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Shoes (boots)

│ Description │

*Model: SSB_ss_1415
*Material: sheep Leather
*Heel: 3.5cm
*Size: 220/225/230/235/240/245/250/255/260

│ Features │

*Fashionable & functional design
-Satisfaction of both fashion’s sensuous feeling and comfortable function
-Pursuit of harmony through design evoking contemporaneous sympathy with casual, comfortable, and natural, which are shoes’ fundamental functions

*Traditional design (motif)
-Pursuit of design matching traditional beauty (“flower shoes”) with modern design
-Pursuit of design arousing sympathy from 12 million foreign tourists based on traditional Korean culture

*Function insole
-Pursuit of the feet’s comfort and stability through arch support
-Supplementation of pain in the soles, a disadvantage of flat shoes through the cushion of shoes insole
-Minimized fatigue of the feet while waking depending on a height difference of front and rear arches through the insole considering the shape of the feet to the maximum

*Hand-made product
-100% hand-made
-Self-designed by SINA
-Flat shoes pursuing comfort and design by making the ergonomically designed insole

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Shoes _boots_